Lamination on FirstBond (doubble)


2 art prints 49 x 54 cm in size, lamination onto 1 aluminum plate each (Firstbond) of 3mm thickness, backside aluminum frame as suspension.

LifeSciences Calendar - previous edition

Previous editions of the LifeSciences calendar 2002-2017, from which individual art prints (monthly sheets) for the application to the carrier material are taken.

Lamination on FirstBond

Sticking a single calendar sheet onto the 3mm thick aluminum composite plate FirstBond. Back mounting of an aluminum profile frame for suspension.

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Formate: approx. 49 x 54 cm


High-quality art print, monthly sheet from LifeSciences Calendar - Hidden worlds laminated on 3mm aluminum carrier material. The motif was created by the renowned, internationally award-winning science photographers Oliver Meckes and Nicole Ottawa (eye of science) with a scanning electron microscope and colored in elaborate manual work on a PC using Photoshop.

The art print is provided on the back with a double-sided adhesive film. After the protective film has been peeled off, the art print is rolled onto the carrier plate 'coldly'.

An additional plan stability results in the rear mounting of the solid suspension profile on the back. For detailed information on the materials used, see the tabs 'Carrier material' and 'Suspension'.

Art prints

The art prints used here are the remaining stock from our LifeSciences Calendar (Hidden Worlds) published in the years 2002 to 2017.

We carefully cut out the extremely high-quality printed monthly sheets and prepared them for further processing by lamination. The surface of the art print is coated with special UV spot varnish. Because the product is so very elegant, we have renounced an additional covering by acrylic glas for example.


eye of science

Carrier material

AluDibond: Dibond® is a brand for a stiff composite material. The brand belongs to the manufacturer 3A Composites.
Dibond® consists of two 0.3 millimeter thick aluminum layers thermally bonded to a polyethylene core. Therefore, Dibond® is lighter than aluminum.
FirstBond is an 'imitator' product with similar characteristics marketed by FirstBond GbR from Schleswig-Holstein. For LifeSciences on FirstBond, the carrier material is used in thickness of 3 mm as a basis for the image 'sandwich'.


Aluminum frames give this to Alu-Dibond® resp. FirstBond laminated artprint an additional stability with very low weight at the same time. The frames have dimensions of approx. 19 x 19 mm in cross-section.
Therefore, the image is not ON the wall, but 'floats' at a distance of 19 mm BEFORE it. The frames have a special, reinforced C-profile for a better planarity of the picture.

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