Tropfenkunst 2018 (liquid art)

Poster Version
by Markus Reugels


Technically complex macrophotography of drop movements using sophisticated lighting techniques, and high-speed photoequipment. Fascinating insights into the extraordinary creativity of gravity in the handling of liquids.

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Formate: 50 x 70 cm

Content: 13 pages


A collection of the most imposing drop pictures by Markus Reugels, made with the most diverse techniques.


Markus Reugels

German photographer Markus Reugels is a passionate of macro photography who captures unique liquid forms which he generates only with the help of water and colored ink. Using his imagination, and no photo manipulation at all, the artist freezes beautiful images of “liquid art”, images the human eye fails to notice otherwise. Luckily for high speed photography and for the talent of Markus that amazingly vivid color explosions and abstract shapes come to life! If you enjoyed our series of pictures of falling water drops, than this one will blow your mind, because Markus’s imagery displays more creative and colorful forms than ever.