Science Art – J2

by Oliver Meckes & Nicole Ottawa


14 art prints in the format of 49 x 49-52 cm with electron microscope images of BOTANY made by eye of science.

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High-quality art prints of electron microscope photographs from the studios of eye of science (Oliver Meckes and Nicole Ottawa). The motifs provide fascinating insights into the world of the microcosm of nature and science. There is a long way to the printed data: suitable objects must be found, prepared and scanned with a high-tech microscope. Electron microscopy works with electron beams. Since these do not have any color, the microfotographers bring the color into Photoshop using Photoshop. A cumbersome process in which each pixel must be manually colored.
Moosbaum has been producing and distributing the LifeSciences calendar since 2002. We have put together some of the best designs in a collection. Behind a pleasing setting, they are ideal for decorating biological teaching units, doctor’s offices, research labs or even living room walls of nature-loving lovers. The recordings are real eye-catchers. See for yourself!